Nothing sticks like oil 25 

I have created 25 unique limited edition prints and at the heart of each one is 'Nothing sticks like oil' a work I am currently exhibiting at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition. 

Each of the 25 images features a different coloured background. The colours of each background have names which feature an environmental focus. 

I will be printing 1 of each of these works (only 1 in the whole world, each is unique!), which you can buy through my store. A proportion of the proceeds from each piece will be going to Greenpeace. 

The inspiration for 'Nothing sticks like oil' is the destruction that humans are causing to ecosystems. Specifically, it's a comment on the devastation that oil spills have on the environment (including the local wildlife). Here in the UK, if we were to be directly affected by an oil spill how would we feel? Maybe we would feel differently about seagulls. 

Discover the whole collection of 25 images below.