Matt Leo Durrant is a visual artist who was born in Essex in the 1990s. As a child, Matt’s visits love for Essex Wildlife Trust’s Warley Place and RHS Hyde Hall ingrained a love for the natural world. Matt studied a BSc in Conservation at the University of York where he created a management plan to safeguard the biodiversity of animals in African Rainforests. His love for photography grew alongside his love for wildlife on his regular fieldwork trips. Alongside this, Matt also always had an interest in philosophy, psychology and for questioning and observing how humans interact with each other and the natural world. 

Matt previously photographed natural landscapes but saturated the colour to produce surreal images, to question what we see as the norm of landscape around us. This can be seen in his projects The Colour Jungle (TCJ) based on his experience with landscape and anxiety, High Intensity Colour (HIC) and Ultraviolet (which also expanded on a social commentary on our response to landscape and climate breakdown, together with the project Wild Life). 

Matt is currently studying an MA in photography at Falmouth University. He has started a series of projects based around the idea of the world in motion constantly creating frontiers, where the Japanese concept of Wabi-sabi teaches that everything is impermanent and beauty has no limitations. This contrasts to the western culture of beauty being sought from symmetry and perfection. The project Raindrops on Windows, documented the frontier between the imposing natural elements and the surfaces we erect to keep us from nature. However, the fast disappearing droplets show the sheer intensity of nature. Matt is now working on a new project investigating frontiers, working more closely with humans and observing the frontiers they have. 

Selected Exhibitions:


RA Summer Exhibition, Royal Academy of Arts


The Colour Jungle, Camden Image Gallery

Visible Light and Colour, Menier Gallery

Symbiosis, Espacio Gallery