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The World, Circles & Squares (2019)

This project began at the beginning of January 2019, with the aim of creating a series of collages which portrayed my opinion on the current uncertainty we are facing in the world. 

Throughout this project I touched on a series of topical issues, including brexit (or lack of it), civil war, the emergence of the Extinction Rebellion climate change protestors and the divisions we are currently seeing in societies. 

You can see a selected number of images below taken from this project. Each collage used everyday items which you'd find in the house or in the garden which were repurposed e.g. I used a bird feeder used to create a fish and also a head board to craft trees.  

The Colour Jungle (2018)

2018 was an interesting year for me. It was definitely a time where I reflected a lot on mental health and how it has affected me over the years. I used to suffer from anxiety related disorders at school and would find it difficult to understand how I could control anxiety. Now, I have my become comfortable with managing it through my own ways of coping with its effects. I created a project based around my journey of coming to terms with this, from the times of real hardship to the times of understanding and the consequent positiveness that followed. 

I told this story through 12 images, with each image a different part of the journey. This culminated in my solo exhibition at The Camden Image Gallery in December 2018. 

High Intensity Colour (HIC) (2018)

HIC was the first artistic project that I worked on. I was fascinated by colour and how it's on our man-made screens and the contrast of this compared to colour that we find in the natural world. I combined the colour altering techniques in Photoshop to alter natural landscapes to give them a 'human stamp' just like we do with the natural world, through deforestation for example. I think that we tell ourselves that the world exists for us and therefore we can justify our decisions as humans. I wanted to explore this. 

In this project, the colours of each image were dramatically altered (you can see some images below).